Saturday 1 August 2020

Holy Spirit of Solitude Digital Distribution Update

This weekend I have started the process for "Holy Spirit of Solitude" album, my latest album in the Holy Spirit music series, to be available for Digital Distribution.  This completes the Holy Spirit series making them available in both digital and audio CD formats.  I have also submitted "Journeys" for digital distribution.  I'm not sure how this will go as these first albums are quite old and were all performed and recorded using a Clavinova system.  I have since re-mastered them so it should be okay, I'm not sure how fussy they are with the submission process.  It will be great to have my Ancient Fusion Music albums available online.  I was just listening to JOURNEYS and it's so different!  I remember taking a theme for each track like "The Ice Vessel" and using the limited instruments to capture the feel and create an entire atmosphere and story.  Switching to my current album "Holy Spirit of Love" I see now why I feel so spoiled for choice with my delicious soundscapes not to mention the lead instruments I have now.  What makes JOURNEYS so great though is the feel of the clavinova, I love playing the clavinova.  Amazing the different compositions 20 years apart.

I have now written 7 tracks for Holy Spirit of Love and this album too has it's own unique atmosphere.  I have been enjoying contemplating characters and stories for each track, usually I focus on landscapes and peoples and imagine all kinds of stories, but for this I have taken just one or two people in my mind and composed pieces representing their love.  This is not something I've done before and it's been quite fun and new.  I hope to finish this album soon, I began round about April 2020 so not too bad so far. 

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