Friday 18 September 2020

Holy Spirit of Love Music CD Album Update

Since April I have been working on my next instrumental album "Holy Spirit of Love".  For this album I took a different approach; for each track I thought about various people's stories and used their stories to inspire me.  It was interesting to focus on different aspects of love.  For example for track 1 I thought about two characters, a mother and daughter and the bond of love between them.  I also drew upon ancient instruments such as Tenor viola de Gamba, harps and soundscapes with subtle pianos, my usual choice of instruments but with added Celtic and ancient instruments.  

Other stories I used for inspiration were Tungdil and Balyndis from the Dwarves novel I am reading, capturing their story of adventure and then not being able to be together because Tungdil was from the wrong clan.  Also, Captain Lance and his daughter Laurel from the series Arrow, how he loved his daughters so much but Laurel died.  In this album there are all types of love; between father and daughter, friends, friends in hardship, mother and son.  It's been a really interesting journey. 

The past few days I have worked on track 9 for this album and I really made it difficult for myself by using a Bodhran drum rhythm which was very complicated.  I can usually write a track pretty quickly but this was rather difficult and took me longer to get everything in time with the beat.  In the end I was so pleased with the result! Because of this I decided that track 10 would be much simpler so this morning I have written track 10 with simple piano, harp, cello and strings, with a bit of a Celtic soundscape for atmosphere.  

Here are my current notes for working out the titles of each track.  The notebook is all I had to go on for this album and I've been adding names of people's stories as I write them as a reminder of what each track is based on.  Now I am taking these simple names and matching up a suitable title.

I am so pleased to have finished this album!  I am currently working out the titles.  I like to use titles from scripture but it's been a challenge to encapsulate the stories of each track with a simple line.  I have however pulled together some relevant simple titles such as "Love Never Gives Up" to represent the first track.  My next job will be to design the artwork for this next album.  

The previous album in this series is "Spirit of Solitude" which was very different and possibly my favourite one, although this new one might top it.  I will keep updating this blog with the progress and release of Spirit of Love.  All of my albums are available on CD through Amazon or from our website  Many of them are available through Spotify, iTunes etc too.  Just search for "Bernadette Bevans".