Friday 10 February 2023

Saint Catherine of Siena - New Film!

 After a much needed break, we decided to catch up on outstanding productions as well as new ones in the pipeline so really knuckled down to it and tried to finish St. Catherine of Siena.  In preparation, I decided to write some tracks that I could draw upon using my new samples from DARK ERA, NADA and ANCIENT ERA PERSIA.  They were perfect and so inspiring!

I decided to work specifically on Holy Spirit of Compassion album, then draw upon these album tracks if needed for the film.  I got writing whilst my sister finished the script and started editing the film.  What a lot of work!  This film was supposed to be 25 minutes but it expanded into an hour long film with the whole history of the papacy.  This gave me a lot to draw upon.  Some of the new samples have not just soundscapes but pulsing and rhythmic ones which were so handy.  One of my favourites was the instrument "Ancient Lyre".  I used this fused with piano, fiddle and cello.

It was not until I started actual work on the music score this week that I realized just how perfect these tracks were!  I started the score with a build up with strings and soundscapes, we also decided to have a lot of scenery breaks and scenery with text from St. Catherine's letters.  This gave me lots of opportunities to really get into the music.  Some breaks I used moving cello and strings, others soundscapes with Cantus monks singing, others with some nice Irish flute.  There is real variety in this film.  I was especially inspired by the sequences of modern people, works of charity, I used a track from Holy Spirit of Solitude where I got the Nykelharpa to work very well and the whole passage builds to an inspiring climax which made me love the Church and be so honoured to be writing music for projects that promote the work of the Church and the saints.

This film is now available on DVD and Instant video and I shall be writing the last 4 tracks for Spirit of Compassion to share on CD.

Saint Catherine of Siena DVD
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You can watch this trailer and listen to some of the music: