Saturday 28 April 2018

Music Updates and News for Mary's Dowry Productions

I've not written much music for a while since completing the music score for St. Margaret Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus DVD. 

We had a filming day at the end of March and filmed for four new productions, two of which will require a Medieval or Elizabethan style which I am looking forward to, and one set in Ireland which will give me a great opportunity for Celtic and Irish music which I love to write.  I have noticed that my favourite sound sampler Eduardo Tarilonte has produced two new sound products, Ancient Era: Sounds of Persia and Celtic Era, both of which will be perfect for the type of music I like to write.  I am holding off on them at present to save funds and utilize as much as possible the sounds that I already have.

We are currently in production of St. Dominic Savio film, we filmed for this back in January 2017 and have not had a proper chance to edit it together since.  In the following weeks I shall begin the music score of this which I am sure will be quite mystical and atmospheric as he had a vision of England.  This also links back to the English Martyrs as a lot of our films do so hopefully I shall have another opportunity to use my ERA Medieval sounds which I love and find easy to write with - I particularly love to use the Tenor Viola da Gamba as a lead instrument, it fits the era so well and stirs up beautiful atmospheres.  I used to have a real lack of lead instruments until I got the Gypsy Violin in Gypsy Samples but it uses so much memory it's quite difficult to use as I fear the PC will crash at any moment.  Since Eduardo Tarilonte's samples I've collected, I've had so much more choice and it's been wonderful.  Until embarking on my new music soundtrack I shall continue to organise my CD albums which I have gradually re-designed and catalogued and which are looking great.