Monday 28 March 2016

"Dreams" - Music CD Album, Reflective, Absorbing, Original Music

The album 'Dreams' is a blend of unique and contrasting instruments, from solo piano, folk guitar and classical flute, to Gothic Choir and Strings. Each piece takes you into a dream world, on a journey with their haunting melodies and characters. As you enter the world of each original title, you will find yourself absorbed, whether it is through the wild stirring Tango Accordion of 'Grizzled Skipper' that transports you to a smugglers Tavern, or the sweet enchanting classical flute of 'Angel Shades' that whisks you above the clouds. Your soul will be moved and engulfed in the magic of the sounds.

Track Listing:

1. Angel Shades (2:16)
2. Between the Roses (2:42)
3. Sapphire Rain (2:42)
4. Nightfall (2:54)
5. Dragon Tree (2:30)
6. Grizzled Skipper (1:29)
7. Ferverish Dream (2:58)
8. Ruby Tigers (2:33)
9. Scented Ash (2:17)
10. Under the Storax (1:56)
11. Through the Doorway (3:11)
12. The Dryad (2:54)
 Dreams has a different mood to Worlds and although I consider Dreams, Lands, Worlds, Journeys, Realms and Kingdoms a set, they have been written over so many years that my writing has evolved, my choice of instruments too as well as myself. 
The Finished Album Today
 For 'Dreams' I took 12 piano solos from a huge range of piano solos that I wrote over many years and expanded them for instrumental tracks.  The album was designed by taking pieces that would give variety but also hold an overall mood of peace and calm.  The hardest thing was taking the piano solo and deciding what instruments to expand into whilst keeping the original mood.  The instruments that I chose are listed on the inside jacket as follows:

1. Angel Shades
Harp, Classical Flute, Gothic Choir
2. Between the Roses
Slow Strings, Grand Piano, Clarinet
3. Sapphire Rain
Grand Piano, Synth Strings, Gothic Choir, Music Box
4. Nightfall
Piano solo
5. Dragon Tree
Classical Guitar, Flute, Harp
6. Grizzled Skipper
Soft Violin, Tango Accordian, Banjo, Ocarina, Tambourine
7. Feverish Dream
Classical Guitar Duet
8. Ruby Tigers
Slow Strings, Spanish Guitar, Mandolin, Percussion
9. Scented Ash
Folk Guitar, Classical Flute
10. Under the Storax
Nylon Guitar, Flute, Percussion
11.  Through the Doorway
Slow Strings, Grand Piano, Classical Flute, Gothic Choir
12.  The Dryad
Nylon Guitar, Flute, Gothic Choir

The voices and strings created a very dreamlike mood and there are a lot of good tunes here.  Most noticeable is 'Grizzled Skipper' which I gave a lot of thought whether to include in the album or not but I am pleased that I did because it really adds contrast.

"Dreams" features all Clavinova instruments.  To have a listen to some samples of this album visit my You Tube Channel for a 'Dreams' video trailer.

DREAMS is available to purchase through worldwide plus our new website  It's also up there on and