Thursday 27 August 2020

Saint John Kemble Film Music Score

 I recently worked on the music score for Mary's Dowry Productions latest release - St. John Kemble.  We had not had a film release for a while and it was great to work on something from the era of the English Martyrs again.  I was able to use my lovely base of instruments from ERA and ERA II as well as some beautiful old wind instruments from CELTIC ERA.  I am always so inspired by the stories of the martyrs and was particularly inspired by St. John Kemble because he was martyred at age 80.

St. John Kemble in Prison

Because I am halfway through Holy Spirit of Love album I decided to incorporate one of the tracks from this album into this film so towards the end of the film I dropped in a track which uses a lot of Tenor Viola da Gamba and the sound of this old stringed instrument was immediately atmospheric and moving.  I was able to repeat this tune for St. John Kemble's time in prison.  

I've said it before, it's not until I work on a music score that I really "meet" a saint and I felt that I met St. John Kemble, connected with him when working on this score.  I used a lot of sound effects throughout this production which really lifted the film up, horses galloping, battles, crackling fires.  I think it's one of our best productions on an English Martyr.  The film is now available in all territories on DVD and instant download and I am back to trying to finish Holy Spirit of Love album.

Here is the finished DVD cover and you can watch the trailer above to hear some of the music and watch some of the film.  You can purchase the film from our website

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