Saturday 27 June 2020

Holy Spirit of Love - Music Album Update

Being at home during the lockdown I thought that I would be able to write a tonne of music, however I just have not been able to for some reason, granted we have still been popping in to work each day and now that the schools are open we are going in extra to clean so have had even less time.  I also have been suffering from scar tissue pain in my side from surgery I had almost 7 years ago.  If I sit at the computer for too long it takes its toll.  Therefore, my upcoming album "Holy Spirit of Love" is taking a while!

I have to date written 6 tracks which is great, only 4 more to write, but they have been written over time.  This album has no titles as yet but for it I have allowed myself to sit and think, be inspired, by particular characters from series, films and books and then write and improvise and really feel a piece of music based on this.  For example track 5 focuses on the love for a particular mother and her son, track 2 the kinship and love between a group of friends in trouble, it's been a very interesting approach!  I'm really pleased with it so far and a couple of tracks have been used for trailers for Mary's Dowry Productions, sparking interest in the album and its release date.  It should not take me too long to write the remaining 4 tracks and it will be great to have a new album release.  I am still drawing upon my new sound samples, the Nyckelharpa from Soniccouture and the Eduardo Tarilonte's Celtic Era beautiful leading instruments like Irish Flute.

We are currently at the "end credits" stage for upcoming film "St. John Kemble" so I am looking forward to writing a score about an English Martyr again, if I have not written for Holy Spirit of Love before then this will hopefully get me back in the mood.  Until then, check out GOOGLE PLAY as I am making more and more albums available digitally there as well as of course Spotify, Napster, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon etc.

Screenshot from upcoming film "St. John Kemble"

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