Saturday 30 November 2019

VALLEYS - New Instrumental CD ALBUM now available!!

Last week, I was so inspired!  After all these years I managed to finish my album "VALLEYS" and release it on CD.  It has been such a long process but I brought together some of the tracks I had worked on from John Henry Newman and England the Dowry of Mary films and really worked with them with the titles that I had and it just all came together into a beautiful CD that I am so pleased with! My last album in this particular series is "KINGDOMS".  I worked on this album from 2007-2010. 

In about 2011 I asked my sister for some music track titles and have worked from a few postit notes since then, gradually forming an outline of an album.  Last week I chose the final titles and their places in the album and how many there would be.  I still have about five titles left over which I shall carry over onto my next album which I believe will be entitled "Canyons".

A Complete Instrumental Fusion Audio CD.

Take a journey with your imagination in this new long-awaited instrumental album Valleys. Travel the Lunar Valleys with soundscapes and piano blending with emotional cello only to lose yourself in the Ancient Mist of the Hidden Glen where mysterious folk dance to ancient drums whilst recorders and baroque guitars intertwine as they sing their tunes. Allow the music to transport you through the Glacial Ice Valley with sounds of panpipes, mysterious strings and beautiful cello. Feel yourself uplifted when you reach the Vale of Neath as guitars, drums, Celtic harps and horns accompany the delightful low Irish whistle. There are so many secret worlds hidden in the Valleys of countless lands waiting to be explored through music in this original, stirring and absorbing album.

Here are the final tracks:

Track Listing:

1. Lady of the Valleys (5.30)
2. Ancient Mist of the Hidden Glen (3:17)
3. Meltwater Valley (5:19)
4. Passage of the Wild Mountain Cove (4:35)
5. Light of the Valley Floor (4:23)
6. Into the Lunar Valleys (4:01)
7. Through the Glacial Ice Valley (4:58)
8. The Vale of Neath (5:46)
9. Journey of the Hidden Strait (3:26)
10. Into the Wooded Dale (4:12)
11. Waterfalls in the Hanging Valley (5:10)
12. Secret of the Hollow (5:12)

The album is now available worldwide on CD through our website and also through AMAZON UK and AMAZON COM.  Below, a trailer to hear some of the music:

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