Saturday 7 December 2019

Holy Spirit of Solitude CD Album - Beginning

Following on from my release of "VALLEYS" after so many years, I still felt very inspired to write!  I immediately began to write "Holy Spirit of Solitude".  My last Holy Spirit Album was Holy Spirit of Serenity which I completed in 2017 although it feels as if I only just released it!  

Holy Spirit of Solitude CD
I was going to finish the series there but they are so popular I thought, a I am inspired, I will write another album.  My sister has been using the tracks a lot for film trailers and says that she is always in need of new tracks like this.   I began by writing two tracks similar to the style of the tracks on Spirit of Gentleness album.  Last week I purchased CELTIC ERA, it came on offer for Black Friday and it's something I have been after. 

 Immediately the first soundscape I loaded in to try out 'Burial Ground' inspired me to write a whole new track.  This track is moving, emotional and really inspired me so much!  I now have already 3 whole tracks completed for this new album which I hope to finish over a short amount of time.

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