Tuesday 9 November 2021

Elizabeth Prout and Edel Quinn Music Scores

This summer has seen me not doing any blog posts at all!  I can't believe how fast it has gone.  Earlier this year I started to write some tracks for my next album "Holy Spirit of Hope" which were also for me to draw upon when writing the music soundtrack for our next film on Elizabeth Prout.  When it came to writing the score I had two tracks previously written and this made the music so much easier to write.  When I had written the introduction, opening titles and beginning, it was mostly underscore but when it came to needing something new or different, it meant I could drop in a track without composing it there and then.  This method works really well.

Sadly, once I've written a score I go onto the next project and don't really remember what took place.  As I've not been posting for months I can't honestly remember the Elizabeth Prout music score or the film other than that I was very pleased with it, it's frustrating that I didn't post any blogs about the process as I did it as I have now completely forgotten.  The film has met with a good reception and it's great to have finished it along with John Henry Newman and Dominic Barberi.  

You can watch a trailer for the film here:

The film is available to purchase from our website, Amazon or Etsy or Instant Video on Vimeo too.

Elizabeth Prout DVD

Also over the summer we decided that we desperately needed to finish our film on Edel Quinn and the Legion of Mary as it had been nearly 2 years since we started it!  This was exciting as it finally gave me an opportunity to use some African sounds that I've had on my computer but never found the opportunity to use.  I really enjoyed writing this music score and every time I used the African voices or drums it really enhanced it!.  A trailer for this film can be viewed here:

The film is now available too on DVD and Instant Video from all the usual places.  

Once these 2 films were completed it left us with 5 more outstanding, St. Ralph Sherwin, St. David Lewis, Margery Kempe, Ignatius Spencer and Bl. Anna Maria Taigi which had been requested.  After a short break we decided to work on Bl. Anna Maria Taigi which we knew was going to be a big film.  We filmed everything we needed in the Spring as well as some Ignatius Spencer footage for use in Elizabeth Prout film but also for his own film.  Editing on Bl. Anna Maria Taigi began and I started to write some interesting, mystical music tracks that I could draw upon - 3 in total and also an "Epic Track" for her trailer.

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