Thursday 25 February 2021

I am so pleased to have finished my album "Holy Spirit of Love"!  It took a while and the lockdown, although having more free time and being near the computer, unfortunately didn't seem to help with motivation.  Still, I have written all the tracks now and am so pleased with the album!  It's available currently on CD from all the usual outlets, website, Amazon, Ebay, and I am currently making it available for Digital Download on Spotify, iTunes etc.

The final themes of the album are very thought provoking, a lot of use of ancient instruments and voices as well as a real Celtic feel with my new Bodhran drum.  The track titles are as follows:

Track 1- Love Never Gives Up (3:48)
Track 2 - A Friend Loves At All times (4:28)
Track 3 - Greater Love Has No One Than This, That Someone Lay Down
His Life For His Friends (5:11)
Track 4 - Let All That You Do Be Done in Love (4:00)
Track 5 - Love Is Patient (5:51)
Track 6 - Love Never Fails (3:37)
Track 7 - I Found the One My Heart Loves (3:29)
Track 8 - Perfect Love Drives Out Fear (4:29)
Track 9 - I Am My Beloved's and my Beloved is Mine (5:17)
Track 10 - Love Covers a Multitude of Sins (5:03)

When designing the artwork I ended up going for snow and wolves which is completely different to my previous album which was a lot of desert and I had the idea all along for a lonely tree being on the album cover.  In "Spirit of Love" I was not sure what I would do but when I saw the wolves it really opened up the imagination for me and the depth that I wanted to convey through these pieces.  It was also the perfect difference needed when you put all the albums together.

I did actually complete this album a couple of months ago and it is slowly gaining interest.  Since then I have not written much music at all, I have been having a break after managing to complete all the tracks for this new one.  We have almost finished  the editing phases for our new upcoming film release "Edel Quinn and the Legion of Mary" so I am gearing up back into film score mode for when I begin writing the music score for this hopefully in a few weeks.  I have not actually written a film score since St. John Kemble film last year. 

Please head on over to our website to find out more about the NEW album at or look it up on Amazon or Ebay.

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