Wednesday 17 July 2019

Saint Francis de Sales

I've been out of action for a while.  I had not had any music projects and then we put our minds to it and finally completed our film on Saint Francis de Sales.  I spent a week writing the music score and when I had finally completed it, I went to add some sound effects and the entire music PC crashed.  It turned out the motherboard and processor had died so I had to have a big fix and also took the opportunity for an upgrade.  It then took a long time to re-load all my software onto the new PC in order to get all the way back to the point of being able to open up the project in order to finish it!  That said, it all came together very well and was able to complete the music score for our new 2019 production on Saint Francis de Sales.  I will write in more depth about what this scored entailed in a further blog post.

The DVD is now released and is available at

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