Wednesday 30 January 2019

KINGDOMS TRAILER - Folklore Instrumental Music CD Album

I am very pleased that I've finally taken the time to produce a short TRAILER for my CD Album "KINGDOMS". 

KINGDOMS CD Available from 
I began this album whilst at college as part of our final assignment for finding our own original style.  I'd written many music pieces for years up until that point and drawn upon instruments and sounds that I liked.  

This was the first time however that I thought about and pinpointed exactly what I liked about music and what I liked to write, what made me original as a composer.  So I drew upon ancient sounds, medieval instruments like the recorder, drums, baroque guitar, but I fused this with other sounds that I liked like the Duduk from the Middle East, voices of the elves, haunting ethereal voices, the piano, I literally took away all limits and fused all different thing to come up with something new.  

The result was 4 tracks from KINGDOMS and I completed this album over the following years to make a new and full CD album which is one of my favourites; it's really free and it's really different.  You can  now have a listen to the trailer for this album here:

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