Monday 22 October 2018

Saint Gemma Galgani - New Film on DVD - October 2018


Last week I wrote the music score for our long awaited DVD on Saint Gemma Galgani.  This film has been a long time coming, we purchased the cape for Saint Gemma to wear about 6 years ago, the hat about 4 years ago, the script was written over a year ago.  We were planning to film for this production but then the filming day was cancelled and when re-booked was such hard work with so many difficulties that we almost cancelled it again midway through!

St. Gemma Galgani
Recording the narration took 4 attempts with a faulty sound cable, then the soundcard drivers needed updating via LiveChat with Focusrite, all hell broke loose trying to edit, a college student across the road decided to get himself a loud motorbike and drove it up and down all day long until gone midnight so there was no peace.  Then when it came to writing the music, my computer decided on regular 15 second delays whilst showing the film so I had to regularly compose to no picture where the .avi file was not the correct size for Cubase.

I began the music score but then there were so many delays that it was several days before I could go back to it.  I lost all my inspiration and got very stressed.  In the above VLOG I speak about beginning the music score, instrumentation and share the opening titles.


Finally on Saturday I had just 15 minutes of music left to write and thought I would spend an hour or two finalizing it.  It took me the whole day but was well worth it, the scenes with St. Gemma's Guardian Angel were very moving and I was able to blend a Tenor Recorder with Soundscapes, Strings and Choirs for this and bring in the Tenor Recorder every time the Angel came back on screen.

Screenshot showing St. Gemma Galgani and Guardian Angel

Today we have completed this very inspiring film and it is now available on DVD through our website.

Please take a moment to watch the Trailer here:

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