Thursday 4 October 2018

NEW ALBUM in the works 'VALLEYS' Landscapes, Fantasy Art, Stories, Music Composition and Inspiration

I am very pleased to be back working on my upcoming instrumental album VALLEYS.  I've been writing these albums on and off for two decades now!  An awful lot of work goes in to them, they are extremely creative and where I write most freely with great depths of imagination based on titles and pictures.  

When I completed KINGDOMS in 2010 I was excited to have a new addition to this series and I had the idea for VALLEYS in my mind but it was not until 2014 that my schedule enabled me to begin work on it.  

'Kingdoms' Album available on CD
I wrote 3 tracks and managed to arrange and record two of them but then we had such a work load again that VALLEYS got left behind.  The past couple of weeks I have had a bit more time to look at moving this album forward.  I finally took the biggest step of organizing my title tracks and layout, bringing together all the title ideas and choosing a new title for the next track.  

To date I am working on track 6 but track 5 is incomplete, so it's a bit messy, but the tracks so far are gorgeous!  I'm very pleased with them and cannot wait to complete this album.  My favourite track so far is the opening track entitled "Lady of the Valleys" and I love it, it's got a beautiful Xiao Flute leading.  I am currently working on 'Into the Lunar Valleys' so am going for a few more soundscapes like I did in REALMS for this particular track which is going very well so far.

The titles given to me by my sister always provide a foundation for writing and inspiration.  They hold such depth so when I sit to compose, I let my imagination go beyond the words and I picture stories and landscapes behind the title.  Fantasy art also plays a big role in my inspiration because I was first inspired by Lord of the Rings and the cinematic landscapes blended with CGI artwork of ancient statues etc.  So I picture, what once was and my mind is filled with many stories, portrayed through music, that then just flows.

The days go so quickly now but I am in between film scores at the moment so hopefully I can knuckle down and complete 'Into the Lunar Valleys' soon.

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