Thursday 11 January 2018

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Following my revamping of my soundtrack CD albums with subtitles, I am pleased to present Calm Your Spirit With Music Volume 1: 'Passion & Prayer' a new CD design release.  This instrumental CD takes the full music soundtrack from our film on Saint Etheldreda: Abbess of Ely and enhances it for CD album.  The music in this album is meditative and reflective but it also builds in places expressively as the music reflects the faith and virtue in the life of Saint Etheldreda, a great saint of England.

I first wrote the music score for this in 2009 but I have since enhanced the tracks.  Now available in this new presentation I am pleased that the album is put forth on CD with 11 tracks of music.
Calm Your Spirit With Music Volume 1: Passion & Prayer CD
The Calm Your Spirit With Music Series fuses instruments and soundscapes to create a contemporary mystical and reflective mood which is both uplifting and meditative and tells a story.  Presenting a music soundtrack from Mary's Dowry Productions films in each volume.  The music soundtrack in this CD is taken from Saint Etheldreda: Abbess of Ely film and enhances it for audio CD.  As each track builds upon the next you are absorbed in a journey of peace, prayer, thought and memory.  Let the stirring cello, piano, Celtic harps, gypsy violins, guitars, choral voices, mystical winds, ancient flutes and pads absorb and uplift.  Perfect as background music, or for chilling out, for becoming lost in thought, prayer or to simply absorb yourself in the tunes these original soundtracks will help unwind and calm.  The music in this album is subtitled 'Passion & Prayer' to reflect Saint Etheldreda's prayerfulness and strong spirit of perseverance in the face of trials.  Taken directly from the full soundtrack of Saint Etheldreda this album is both meditative in places and filled with moments of passion as several tracks grow and lift the mind to crave closeness with God.  The instrumental style is immediately recognisable as Bernadette Bevans' unique sound of ethereal, meditative music.  This album is both uplifting and meditative and tells a story, the story of love, passion, faith, exodus, pursuit, prayer, struggle, steadfastness and joy.  Allow the extraordinary Spirit of ancient Catholic England, faith and devotion take you on a journey of music and imagination.  

Track Listing:
Track 1: To the King's of Old (3:24)
Track 2: Find Rest, O My Soul, in God Alone (2:57)
Track 3: Etheldreda (1:43)
Track 4: My Presence Will Go With You and I Will Give You Rest (3:51)
Track 5: May the God of Hope Fill You All With Joy (1:01)
Track 6: Sanctuary of the Monastery (4:46)
Track 7: Flight Through the Forest (5:11)
Track 8: Calm Me Lord as You Calmed the Sea (3:49)
Track 9: An Abbey For the Lord (5:21)
Track 10: Enfold Me Lord in Your Peace (6:42)
Track 11: The End and the Beginning of the Journey (2:33)
Here is a trailer where you can listen to some of the music and get an idea of the content of this album.

Passion & Prayer is available worldwide on CD from

Calm Your Spirit With Music Volume 1: Passion & Prayer is taken from Saint Etheldreda: Abbess of Ely film that we produced in 2009 and which is available through our website and also and

Saint Etheldreda DVD

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