Tuesday 30 January 2018

Calm Your Spirit With Music Volume 2: Joy In Service, uplifting, relaxing meditation music CD Album

Calm Your Spirit With Music Volume 2: Joy in Service CD
This album has been through many changes.  Saint Cuthman of Steyning is one of my favourite films and every time we have shown it publically on the big screen in seminaries, schools, parishes, it has been met with real excitement as the film is so uplifting, simple and has a touch of humour too.  Unfortunately as St. Cuthman is so little known, this is a much overlooked little film.  The music soundtrack plays a great part in the film itself, I wrote it in 2009 and it is great!  I use a lot of pizz. strings, banjos, guitars and whistles.  If the film is not very well known then the music soundtrack is even more overlooked. I put this soundtrack out there because somebody watched the film broadcast on EWTN and loved the music.  It has been called 'Saint Cuthman's Music', 'Music Across the South Downs', 'The Saxon Shepherd'.  

Since creating my series 'Calm Your Spirit With Music' for all the soundtracks, this album has been the second album in the series of soundtracks I have made available and it has since become quite popular.  In my new 'subtitle' venture, I have kept this album pretty much the same as I believe the yellow flowers and insects really are quite apt for the album artwork as there is a lot of scenery like this in the film.  I am simply adding the subtitle 'Joy In Service' to the album.
The Church of Saint Cuthman in Steyning and his statue outside
Joy In Service
I chose these two words for a subtitle because I wanted to get across that this music is so joyful!  Yes, it is meditative, peaceful, relaxing and prayerful as all my music is as a foundation, but it has something else, it has such a spark of uplifting light in it, probably because it represents Saint Cuthman and his simple story.  I chose 'Service' because St. Cuthman trusted that where the withies broke and his cart was set down would be the place where he would build a church for the Lord.  They snapped in Steyning which is just down the road from us.  He served the Lord not just in simplicity but it the service of building a church, back then in Saxon times it must have been no easy feat, but he took it day by day and built it with joy.  What is even more fantastic is that it still stands today and you can go and visit it and be close to this great saint.  Saint Cuthman of Steyning (near Worthing!) - Pray for us!

Saint Cuthman of Steyning DVD

Calm Your Spirit With Music Volume 2: Joy in Service
is taken from the full music soundtrack from 'Saint Cuthman of Steyning' DVD available from Mary's Dowry Productions.  There is a nice extended bonus track at the end because I loved the main theme so much I wrote a lot more of it exclusively for the CD album.
Saint Cuthman of Steyning DVD
We love Saint Cuthman of Steyning so much that his mini-biography also appears on our 'Primary Series: Volume 2' DVD for younger children along with footage of Saint Cuthman and his cart taken from the film.
The Primary Series: Volume 2 - For Younger Children also features a mini-biography of Saint Cuthman
If you enjoy the music from Mary's Dowry Productions films then I am sure you will love this new album.  It is available through our websites as well as Amazon.

Let the stirring violin, piano, Celtic harps, mystical winds, ancient flutes, guitars and pads absorb and uplift in this beautiful original instrumental music CD.  Perfect as background music, or for chilling out, for becoming lost in thought, prayer or to simply absorb yourself in the tunes, these original soundtracks will help unwind and calm.  This particular album is based upon the full music score written for a film about ‘Saint Cuthman’ who was a Saxon shepherd. Each track builds upon the next and takes you to Saxon England through music and tells a story of simple faith, uplifting joy, peace and ancient beauty. If you like the music from Mary’s Dowry Productions, all music is composed and performed by Bernadette Bevans and all CDs are created from original tracks written in Bernadette’s original contemporary musical style and compiled, performed and finalized by her. 

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