Saturday 10 December 2016

New Music CD Albums Underway....Ancient Fusion Lord of the Rings Style and Relaxing Contemplative

I am currently working on 2 separate music albums.  The next in my Ancient English Fusion Music Series following on from Journeys, Worlds, Dreams, Lands, Realms and Kingdoms will be Valleys.  I have so far been working on it for 2 years and have completed 4 tracks.
New for this album is 'Francesca Genco' - The Voice of Gaia.  There are some beautiful sounds out there that have real potential for music fusion.  It's interesting to use them in a religious context and I shall try to incorporate her amazing voice in an upcoming film soundtrack too.  Right now, I'm finding it inspiring to use whilst writing for 'Valleys'.

This week I put aside 'Valleys' in order to start the next in the 'Holy Spirit Music Series' - "Holy Spirit of Serenity".  It took me a while to get going as the last one I wrote was in 2014 - Holy Spirit of Tranquility and I have a new system now, the reverb was all different and I have had to order a new MIDI controller as my current one is sending out random commands and shooting up the volume when I don't want it to!
With that sorted I have felt amazingly calm the past few days whilst writing for this album and the first 4 tracks are complete.  It should become a bit easier tomorrow when my new MIDI controller arrives.
Holy Spirit Music CD Series
The Holy Spirit Music Series is proving very popular and useful and I'm really pleased about that.  I hope 'Holy Spirit of Serenity' proves a good addition to the series.  To find out more about the Holy Spirit Music Series visit this link!

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