Saturday 17 December 2016

Completing the Music Score for Saint Bernadette of Lourdes and the Holy Rosary Production

Today I completed the music score for our new production 'Saint Bernadette of Lourdes and the Holy Rosary'.  This music score goes for me into the category of 'the toughs'.  It was a tough one, some are easy and others are particularly difficult; This was one of those.
When I began this music score the other day, I had been in the middle of 'Holy Spirit of Serenity' music CD, so I put it aside and changed direction.  The first 15 minutes went very well and had the correct atmosphere and I was able to use some good soundscapes such as 'Talking to the Wind' which added a subtle element of mystery. 
I had to stop writing yesterday and go to work and then try to pick up the thread of it today.  After much thought I decided that at this point in the production a change of direction was needed.  I searched for a while for some soundscapes but a lot of them that I have are quite sinister; great for writing for the English Martyrs films and adding tension, but not what I was looking for.
Screenshot from St Robert Southwell.  I really enjoyed writing this score.
Eventually I worked with 2 soundscapes: 'Divine Rest' and 'Peace'.  During lunch I thought about deleting a whole previous section but then instead I decided to do a whole key-shift and it worked before I dropped everything away except the 'Divine Rest' and 'Peace'.  This is something I don't usually do - to leave the score very empty but it created just the right mood for a whole section about Contemplation and prayer.
With the addition of warm strings and cello, back and forth with flute and piano I had reached the 20 minute mark.  I was inspired at this point to use Track 5 from 'Holy Spirit of Serenity' that I wrote last week.  I very rarely use pre-written tracks in my music scores but as this score was so meditative and fits so nicely with the Holy Spirit of Serenity theme, I tried it out.  It's amazing how everything is guided, it fitted so well and it seems appropriate to use it since I am immersed in this album at this current time.
It was as if I had pre-written this part of the score for Saint Bernadette in advance.
Encountering the Saints
I am very moved by this saint.  It seems for me that I really meet a saint when I write a music score for one of our Mary's Dowry Productions films.  It was again true in this case.  Today I feel I met Saint Bernadette of Lourdes and what an honour I feel it is to be named after this saint!
What I was struck most by was her simplicity in life and in prayer.  We brought the Holy Rosary to the forefront of this production.  I knew that the Rosary played a big part in this film, but seeing St. Bernadette pray, and hearing how she was asked as a child if she kept sweets in her apron, but it was her Rosary - she was always praying it.  This was reinforced by the Popes at Lourdes and in my own life, faithfulness to the Rosary has proven key.  Saint Bernadette shows how such a simple thing can achieve wonders.
I also loved how Our Lady smiled at Saint Bernadette when the Saint sprinkled Holy Water on the apparition.  I was pleased to use 'Mystica' female choirs adding a very mystical atmosphere to the apparitions.  I have not used these samples much and this was a great opportunity.  This mystical atmosphere became moving after the 25 minute mark and the Holy Spirit of Serenity Track 5 addition.  It was like choirs from Heaven.  I really felt that Heaven and Earth met and am pleased that the music portrays both this heavenly and moving element as well as the simple beauty of Saint Bernadette's life.
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