Thursday 20 January 2022

AUTUMN instrumental music album

 Yesterday, after a big break, I got back onto writing my AUTUMN music album with the final 2 tracks and I managed to complete them in an afternoon, thus finishing the album!  Today I have been working on the artwork and managed to release this new album on CD.

Autumn is a magical time of year when the leaves fall in an array of beautiful colours and mushrooms and toadstools spring up in the most unexpected places. The air is filled with the sounds of crunching leaves, crackling campfires and diverse new birds visiting for a short while. This new instrumental album captures these sounds and atmospheres through ten original tracks using instruments such as Celtic harp, guitar, erhu, ancient flutes, soundscapes, piano and so many more as well as subtly incorporating sound effects such as crackling fires, forest birds and thunder and rain to really encapsulate this wonderful time of year.

Track Listing:

1. Ode to the Fungi
2. The Forbidden Forest Trail
3. Smoking Campfires
4. Garlands of Forest Fruits
5. Rain on the Pumpkin Patch
6. Eddies of Autumn Leaves
7. Walking the Dark Woodland Pathways
8. Whispers Through the Decaying Trees
9. The Scent of Burning Pinecones
10. Toadstools and Earthstars

AUTUMN is the first in a NEW series beginning 2021 trying out something slightly different, something more free where I could incorporate more sound effects and freedom of style.  The titles were the inspiration for the pieces and I tried to make the tracks warm and atmospheric, encapsulating the many visual delights of autumn as well as the unique seasonal quirks such as pinecones, campfires, pumpkins and mushrooms.  It gave me a lot of ideas to work with, I've always been fascinated by mushrooms and saw this year some puffball earthstars for the first time and they were so otherworldly I used soundscapes and 'faery sounds' in this final track.  NOW AVAILABLE ON CD through 

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