Tuesday 29 October 2019

John Henry Newman Film!

I have been taking a break since completing my last music score "John Henry Newman: Fullness of Truth" which is now available both on DVD or via Instant Download at our website here www.marysdowryproductions.org 

Please take a moment to view the trailer for this film here:

The film has so far met with great reviews with one review as follows: 

"I thought the well- delivered narration was well written, informative
and insightful, while the Music, though never intrusive, was appropriate
and prayerful, a great help in meditating on the saint’s life of service to
the Church in England, which your film portrayed so effectively.
The beauty of the pictorial and photographic images were just as I’ve
come to expect from your productions, striking as always.
I think all concerned should be thankful for the film,
and pray that it inspires many souls, as it intends to." R.I.

We had a film launch on 'the big screen' at our local parish on 13th October to coincide with the canonization of Newman and there was a good turnout with people from all over.  Next on the agenda will be "England: The Dowry of Mary" which I am currently editing narration for before writing some nice English music tracks to be used in the film.

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