Thursday 13 December 2018

Science of the Cross - St. Edith Stein - Music and Contemplation

Since deciding that I was not going to make any more soundtracks available on CD, I was asked to produce St. John of the Cross soundtrack, this is now available.  Then, the other day, my sister was working with the music score from St. Edith Stein film and noticed that the click-track was playing in the background, embedded in the music score.  

I found myself opening up the project from 2015 to check, muted this strange phenomenon and sent her a new clean file.

Whilst in the project I thought that I may as well make it into a soundtrack and so I spent the day dividing the full score into 9 tracks, levelling them out and mixing them down.  I called the album "Science of the Cross" and it is volume 8 in my Calm Your Spirit With Music series of Mary's Dowry Productions soundtracks from the films, instrumental as audio CD.

Track Listing:

Track 1: Visions of the Cross (2:57)
Track 2: Taking up the Cross (5:27)
Track 3: The Message of the Cross (5:05)
Track 4: A Theology of the Cross (3:41)
Track 5: The Word From the Cross (3:09)
Track 6: The Love of the Cross (3:31)
Track 7: The Cross and the Night (5:19)
Track 8: The Science of the Cross (6:47)
Track 9: The Glory in the Cross (3:17)
I produced a VLOG which speaks about the process involved in making this soundtrack, or any soundtrack from a Mary's Dowry film into an audio CD.  This can be watched here:

What I love about St. Edith Stein soundtrack is the use of Mystica voices by Eduardo Tarilonte, I fuse this with Duduk and it's a nice fusion of sound, very atmospheric and contemplative. 
It was nice to work on this straight after working on the St. John of the Cross CD (DARK NIGHT) as that soundtrack uses Cantus, also by Eduardo Tarilonte, the voices of monks, so it was a good contrast to work once again with the voices of female choirs in Mystica.  I am still currently working on and off on VALLEYS from my other series of Folklore type Olde English Instrumental fusion albums, following on from KINGDOMS produced in 2010 but it's very slow going.  I am currently having a pause from any Holy Spirit Music Series and seem to be mostly working at the moment on film scores and film soundtracks which is unexpected but interesting.  This new CD Album "Science of the Cross" is now available through our website at  

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