Monday 12 November 2018

Music Trailers and Music Projects November 2018.

Last week I produced a trailer for my CD album "REALMS".  I love this album I spent four years on it on and off, back when my studio was downstairs and I had a big working environment that included a lovely Clavinova CVP-203.   

Me in my first studio early setup
This was the last CD album I wrote before I migrated to VST instruments.  I'd gone about as far as I could go with the technology of the day and I enrolled myself into college in order to learn more and take my music production skills further.

 We've been having a break since releasing our newest DVD on Saint Gemma Galgani. 

Screenshot from "Saint Gemma Galgani" Film
 We've had really good feedback so far from this production and with all the catching up that took place this year we find ourselves quite exhausted. It has been my aim to get back on track with my albums, Mary's Dowry Productions work does take up a lot of time and I never seem to find the time to pursue my CD compilations.  

Work on "VALLEYS" is very slow, I started it in 2014 and have only found time to complete 5 or 6 tracks for it.  The thought of doing more makes me very tired so I'm a bit burnt out and need a rest before working on it more.  We are taking until the end of the year before we continue with our outstanding productions St. Alban Roe and St. Francis de Sales.

Our newest DVD Release - St. Gemma Galgani available now on DVD.

Still, something I have been doing is making trailers for each CD album and integrating them onto the website.  I have tried for so long to describe my music with words but nothing beats actually hearing it!  Now, each album has a trailer that can be clicked on and you can hear the tracks.  My new aim is to produce a trailer for each CD so watch this space.

Latest trailer for album REALMS

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