Sunday 22 October 2017

A Change in Series, Music Composition, Film Soundtracks, Personal Music Style

Early Music Composition Development

I have been writing music since I was fourteen years old.  It began with piano solos but quickly progressed to being able to experiment and write with all my favourite instruments.  It took me years to develop my own personal style but I can now safely say that in each piece of music I write, there is my own personal sound.  I love writing music compilation CD albums and I am still writing to this day although each album takes a lot longer nowadays as I am so busy.

Creativity & Art

If like me you enjoy art and creativity, I find it helpful to sometimes revisit designs and see where improvement can be made.  It can be helpful in re-sparking a period of creativity if things have become a bit stagnant.  This has been the case with me.  I was asked to make the music from Mary's Dowry Productions films available but I have found it difficult to present them on CD format correctly.  I recently looked at revamping all of the CD albums that I currently have available. My style is the same whatever I write and every CD album is suitable for anybody who enjoys my music and the music from Mary's Dowry Productions films or reflective, meditative music.

My first ever CD album was called 'Dreams' back in 2001 and I have been composing compilation CDs ever since, taking time out to write directly to picture for the Mary's Dowry Productions films, in much the same style.  To make more of the soundtracks from the films available I have created the series of albums 'Calm Your Spirit With Music'.  Each volume presents a CD album with tracks taken from a soundtrack from one of Mary's Dowry Productions films.  Because I have written so many scores over the past decade, I would like to share all the music, sounds, themes and very moving passages of music on CD.  Instrumental - minus the films narrative.
The Current Designs for Mary's Dowry Productions music Soundtracks
'Calm Your Spirit With Music Series'.
I have had this series going for a little while now and adding a film soundtrack to the series every so often.  I have decided to re-vamp the series a little bit by adding a subtitle to each volume which reflects a little more what the soundtrack involves.  The first volume that I released on CD was the soundtrack to Saint Etheldreda film.  This is one of my favourites.  I love Saint Etheldreda and her story really inspired me, her steadfastness and passion.  I have therefore added the subtitle 'Passion & Prayer' to this album, making the title "Calm Your Spirit With Music Volume 1: Passion & Prayer".  This shows that the album is both uplifting and full and also meditative and prayerful.  Although I used the painting of Petworth Park in the original cover design (see above) because we filmed most of St. Etheldreda there back in 2010, I have now revamped the design completely for a better look as follows:

New CD design 'Calm Your Spirit With Music Volume 1: Passion & Prayer'
So if you've seen any Mary's Dowry Productions films lately and enjoyed the music, head on over to our website 'CD' section and the 'Calm Your Spirit With Music' series of albums will present many soundtracks on CD for you to enjoy.  I hope to add more to this series in due course.


"I have been writing music since the age of fourteen. It began with piano solos but quickly developed into my own original style of blending all the instruments that I love such as ancient wind instruments, tin whistles, recorders, harps, guitars, baroque guitars, medieval lutes and strings, epic film strings, full choirs, Gregorian voices, beautiful choirs, the voices of the Elves and so many more! I am inspired by film scores such as ‘Lord of the Ring’s’ and ‘Braveheart’. I also love England, its’ landscapes, hills, ruined castles, history, lighthouses, sea towns, harbours, forests. When I write, I picture all that is ancient England and take this visual imagery and try to tell its’ story through music. Each original piece, tells its own story."  - Bernadette Bevans

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