Saturday 22 April 2017

Creative Music Projects for Mary's Dowry Productions April 2017

It's been a couple of weeks since I completed the music score for our new film on 'Jacinta Marto' of Fatima.  I've been having a break from writing, but at the same time am keen to complete my 'Holy Spirit of Serenity' music CD album.  This will be number six in the SPIRIT music series and I've been working on it for a good few months now.  The other volumes in this series did not take very long to write but we seem to have a lot of projects on the go currently which is slowing things down. 

The Holy Spirit Music Series
The official launch of Jacinta Marto went really well.  We launched a feature trailer for our upcoming film on Saint Don Bosco on the night too. 

Music from 'Holy Spirit of Peace' album was used in this trailer as the score has not yet been written and the albums proved popular on the night.  People seem to be craving music to create a calm and positive background atmosphere.  Music that will both uplift and relax.  Music that inspires, is unpredictable, but easy to listen to.  The SPIRIT music series does this.

It's been a busy month with the Jacinta of Fatima film launch and also the showing of St. Julian of Norwich film for Holy Week.  We currently have a backlog of about 10 productions, all of which I am looking forward to writing the music scores for as they are all different.  Currently I am most looking forward to writing for St. Aiden of Lindisfarne, my favourites are the Saxon Saints.  Next in production should be St. Faustina and the Divine Mercy.


As regards music albums.  I have been asked to make the soundtracks from the 
Calm Your Spirit With Music Film Soundtracks Series
films more available.  This means re-opening old scores and re-working them.  It's a lot of work, but well worth it.  Each soundtrack has it's own major themes and unique atmosphere.   They are also all very different to each other as we have covered so many styles and eras.  I currently have four soundtracks available on CD: St. Margaret Ward, St. Etheldreda, St. Cuthman and St. Joan of Arc.  I plan to work backwards if I can from the most recent productions.


I am still trying to find the time and inspiration to complete both 'Holy Spirit of Serenity' and 'Valleys' which both are proving a lot of work.  Both albums are very different from each other - The Holy Spirit series being serene, calming and background instrumental easy listening tracks.  Valleys from my Instrumental Fusion series is a lot more creative and free, drawing upon many instruments and cultures and pushing my own creativity and style.  So far Valleys is very exciting with some really original new tracks.  I will update on it's progress as and when.  For now, do check out my Instrumental Fusion series if you can, they are my favourite pieces that I have written freely over a couple of decades and are truly unique.
Instrumental Fusion Music Series

My Holy Spirit of Peace CD is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon mp3 Music:

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