Thursday 14 April 2016

Original Music to Meditate By, Catholic, Contemporary and Real...

Finding music to meditate by is quite difficult but in 2010 I started a new series of 'chill out' music called 'Holy Spirit Music Series'

If you're looking for something different, the kind of music to use in the classroom, on the train, in the background, whilst you think, whilst you're still, or whilst you're busy then this music is for you.
This series so far consists of 5 albums of original instrumental music, 10 tracks each:
Holy Spirit of Peace
Holy Spirit of Gentleness
Holy Spirit of Joy
Holy Spirit of Calm
Holy Spirit of Tranquility
Each album focuses on the calming, gentle, serene aspects of the Holy Spirit and seeks to convey this through music.  Gentle piano, emotive strings, atmospheric pads, dynamic guitars draw the listener in and help calm the soul.
Check out the entire range now at:
Calming, emotive, authentic spiritual music is so important.

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