Saturday 23 January 2016

CD Music Album 'WORLDS' - Ethereal, relaxing, peaceful orginal music

 Imagine other worlds, interesting and surreal places that you can visit in your mind.  The album Worlds lifts your imagination and heart through music and helps you relax and think.  Each piece was originally a piano solo but blends a variety of instruments: harps, flutes, guitar, mandolin, panflute and many more to create different moods.

The first step for this album was the titles.  My sister gave me a list of interesting titles, my imagination did the rest. The clever use of words like 'Voyage Above Cyprus' enabled my mind to conjure up images I would not previously have thought up and thus these images became music as I improvised the tunes and the tunes evolved to atmosphere in the final tracks through additional instruments.

1. The Seafarer (3:48)
2. Trail to Linden (2:36)
3. Ebony's Locket (3:10)
4. Voyage Above Cyprus (2:36)
5. Wolf Island (2:54)
6. The Citrus Grove (2:26)
7. Indian Cliffs (1:50)
8. Althorpe Garden (2:48)
9. The Misted Lighthouse (3:24)
10. Josephine's Well (2:06)
11. Burnett Avenue (1:54)
12. The Handkerchief Tree (2:10)
13. Hidden House (2:22)

Each of these pieces was written individually whilst imagining scenes.  All have their own stories, The Citrus Grove being bright and friendly with guitars and stories from the Mediterranean,

Wolf Island being rainy, dark and moody telling the tales of a forgotten island and the wolves that live therin.

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The album 'Worlds' is a compilation of original pieces.  Each one captivating in its own way a haunting and relaxing atmosphere which will take you out of this world.  The combination of instruments, piano, classical guitar, flute, mandolin, panflute to name but a few come together in perfect harmony in each piece.  Every tune is in fact a journey into another world, relaxing, absorbing and haunting.

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