Wednesday, 30 January 2019

KINGDOMS TRAILER - Folklore Instrumental Music CD Album

I am very pleased that I've finally taken the time to produce a short TRAILER for my CD Album "KINGDOMS". 

KINGDOMS CD Available from 
I began this album whilst at college as part of our final assignment for finding our own original style.  I'd written many music pieces for years up until that point and drawn upon instruments and sounds that I liked.  

This was the first time however that I thought about and pinpointed exactly what I liked about music and what I liked to write, what made me original as a composer.  So I drew upon ancient sounds, medieval instruments like the recorder, drums, baroque guitar, but I fused this with other sounds that I liked like the Duduk from the Middle East, voices of the elves, haunting ethereal voices, the piano, I literally took away all limits and fused all different thing to come up with something new.  

The result was 4 tracks from KINGDOMS and I completed this album over the following years to make a new and full CD album which is one of my favourites; it's really free and it's really different.  You can  now have a listen to the trailer for this album here:

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Saint Edith Stein - Music Soundtrack Trailer

I have not been writing any music projects over Christmas, we've been having a bit of a break, clearing hard drives and getting everything ready for 2019 productions.  I have been organizing a few trailers for various albums however which are needed so that people can actually hear the content of the CD when looking at an album on the website.  It's also great to share the music.  I particularly like the music from St. Edith Stein because of the use of Mystic choirs by Eduardo Tarilonte, and the Duduk samples which are very moving and can be utilized very well.

Here is the trailer for my newest Soundtrack CD release "Calm Your Spirit With Music Volume 8: Science of the Cross":

This album is available on CD from 

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Science of the Cross - St. Edith Stein - Music and Contemplation

Since deciding that I was not going to make any more soundtracks available on CD, I was asked to produce St. John of the Cross soundtrack, this is now available.  Then, the other day, my sister was working with the music score from St. Edith Stein film and noticed that the click-track was playing in the background, embedded in the music score.  

I found myself opening up the project from 2015 to check, muted this strange phenomenon and sent her a new clean file.

Whilst in the project I thought that I may as well make it into a soundtrack and so I spent the day dividing the full score into 9 tracks, levelling them out and mixing them down.  I called the album "Science of the Cross" and it is volume 8 in my Calm Your Spirit With Music series of Mary's Dowry Productions soundtracks from the films, instrumental as audio CD.

Track Listing:

Track 1: Visions of the Cross (2:57)
Track 2: Taking up the Cross (5:27)
Track 3: The Message of the Cross (5:05)
Track 4: A Theology of the Cross (3:41)
Track 5: The Word From the Cross (3:09)
Track 6: The Love of the Cross (3:31)
Track 7: The Cross and the Night (5:19)
Track 8: The Science of the Cross (6:47)
Track 9: The Glory in the Cross (3:17)
I produced a VLOG which speaks about the process involved in making this soundtrack, or any soundtrack from a Mary's Dowry film into an audio CD.  This can be watched here:

What I love about St. Edith Stein soundtrack is the use of Mystica voices by Eduardo Tarilonte, I fuse this with Duduk and it's a nice fusion of sound, very atmospheric and contemplative. 
It was nice to work on this straight after working on the St. John of the Cross CD (DARK NIGHT) as that soundtrack uses Cantus, also by Eduardo Tarilonte, the voices of monks, so it was a good contrast to work once again with the voices of female choirs in Mystica.  I am still currently working on and off on VALLEYS from my other series of Folklore type Olde English Instrumental fusion albums, following on from KINGDOMS produced in 2010 but it's very slow going.  I am currently having a pause from any Holy Spirit Music Series and seem to be mostly working at the moment on film scores and film soundtracks which is unexpected but interesting.  This new CD Album "Science of the Cross" is now available through our website at  

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Dark Night of the Soul - Carmelite Spirituality Music to Contemplate By

I have produced this trailer to show samples of the music from my new CD Soundtrack "DARK NIGHT".  'Dark Night' is Volume 7 in my Calm Your Spirit With Music Series of Mary's Dowry Productions soundtracks.  You can listen to it here:

This CD is available worldwide from our online shop 

Friday, 30 November 2018

The Dark Night of the Soul - Music for Contemplation - Saint John of the Cross Soundtrack

I had previously chosen to stop producing soundtracks onto CD at the six that I have released over the past several years.  Last week however somebody wrote to us asking where they could get the music soundtrack for St. John of the Cross Film.

Saint John of the Cross DVD
I remember writing this in 2014 and using CANTUS by Eduardo Tarilonte for the first time.  The monks voices and Gregorian Chant sounds are gorgeous and this score really does have it's own atmosphere.  So I decided to see if I could re-open the old project and produce the soundtrack onto CD for it.

It opened fine and I worked the score over the week into eight lovely tracks.  It was actually quite fun to listen to the music I had not heard in a while.  I gave the finished tracks to my sister to create titles for and she came up with titles relevant for this saint based upon the writings in the Dark Night of the Soul by Saint John of the Cross.

The titles of these tracks are:

Track 1: Fired With Love (2:39)
Track 2: By The Secret Ladder (4:43)
Track 3: More Surely Than the Night of Noon (3:54)
Track 4: O Night More Lovely Than Dawn (2:34)
Track 5: The Breeze That Fanned the Cedars (3:33)
Track 6: The Guiding Night (3:10)
Track 7: In Darkness and Secure (7:16)
Track 8: My House is Now Still (4:42)

I'm really pleased with this CD as it speaks musically of Carmelite Spirituality and has a strong and absorbing atmosphere.  The CD is called DARK NIGHT and is the 7th in my Calm Your Spirit With Music series of Mary's Dowry Productions soundtracks.  It's available through our online shop

Dark Night CD Album Now Available

Monday, 19 November 2018


Following on from my previous post, 2018 saw Mary's Dowry Productions work on several more new DVD releases in 2018.  It was fantastic to work on another English Martyr - St. Thomas Garnet this year.  Although filmed for in March 2017 and being so keen to have this DVD, it was not until late this year 2018 that work was finally completed on this great saint.

We had invested in a particular costume for this saint, a high quality, authentic style garment that really made the visuals for this film stand out. 

Screenshot from "St. Thomas Garnet and the Gunpowder Plot" DVD
 We had a sudden few days here of intense snow and for ten years we have wanted to venture out into the snow to acquire footage.  We did this, obtaining beautiful shots of hills, horses, cows, nature, close ups of flowers in the snow, branches and blizzards.  

Screenshot of St. Thomas Garnet at the Gallows
St. Thomas Garnet was the first production we used the snow footage in and it really added to it.  We were particularly pleased to be able to use the horse-rider in the snow that we shot to portray St. Thomas Garnet's travels around England.

Saint Thomas Garnet and the Gunpowder Plot DVD
When it came to me composing the music score for this I was able to use all my old English sounds and samples but I also added depth by incorporating a lot more sound effects, including horses hooves with the horse in the snow footage as well as snow falling plus many more.  This film is called "Saint Thomas Garnet and the Gunpowder Plot" and is now available on DVD.

Our Lady and the Visionaries of Knock

Saint Thomas Garnet marked the end of the films we shot for in March 2017, leaving us with only the Ferring barn footage shot for St. Mechtilde of Magdeburg film. The next production we worked on was "Our Lady and the Visionaries of Knock" which we filmed for earlier this year.

I was extremely excited about this production.  All my life I have found the Knock apparitions to be important and fascinating but I've never understood the entire process of what happened.  I looked forward to working on this to find out.

We had filmed not only the visuals of the villagers who saw the apparition, but we had also recorded several parishioners who volunteered their time to narrate several witness accounts from Knock, mostly genuine Irish parishioners, one who is actually from Knock and remembers the time before the basilica, with all the crutches from cures upon the walls.

It was so effective to show the actual people experiencing the visions, it really brought the whole thing to life.  We used everybody who was at the barn for the filming day for St. Alban Roe, St. Francis de Sales, St. Jane de Chantal and St. Gemma Galgani so we had several people and it worked out perfectly.

Screenshot from Our Lady and the Visionaries of Knock film
The side of the barn was perfect to represent where the apparitions took place.

We also filmed our parish priest for the 1960's section and building of Knock Airport.

Our Parish Priest in the production of Knock.
Putting this production together was quite a pressure, it was longer than our average DVD, plus there were lots of different narrations to work with. I was looking forward to writing Irish-themed music but I found it quite difficult.  The difficult productions always turn out quite profound and it was the case with this.  I was astonished at the shocking Irish history

I learned so much about Ireland and it finally clicked exactly why Our Lady appeared here and at that time in history.

The film is now available on DVD.

St. Mechtilde of Magdeburg and the Souls in Purgatory

I had been wanting to have this production for over a year because I wanted to see how our discovery of the ruined barn at Ferring would turn out.  Visually it was perfect!  I was much moved by St. Mechtilde's life and particularly new insights into the devotion to the Holy Souls in Purgatory which is covered in this film. 

St. Mechtilde DVD
I enjoyed writing the music for this film, mystical, reflective and lots of use of soundscapes and ethereal voices and nuns. 

Screenshot from St. Mechtilde of Magdeburg DVD
This DVD has actually proved extremely popular, more than I would have thought.   Finishing this DVD marked the completion of our catch-up of outstanding productions and footage filmed for in 2017.  It was a great feeling to have all these wonderful saints' DVDs available and their stories told.

St. Mechtilde of Magdeburg Trailer can be viewed here:

A step forward to Mary's Dowry Productions, we have been pleased to begin introducing some Beguines into our catalogue, Beguines and the Beguine vocation is very dear to us.

Saint Gemma Galgani

The very end of 2018 has seen us working on St. Gemma Galgani.  I liken this production to our film on Blessed Alexandrina produced in 2010.  As with Alexandrina St. Gemma Galgani is in black and white with effects surrounding visions, her guardian angel and mystical experiences.

Screenshot from St. Gemma Galgani
 I found writing the music quite difficult again but went for something very moving with use of cello and strings.  Gemma's story is fascinating and deep.

This DVD is available through Mary's Dowry Productions and Amazon.

Saint Gemma Galgani DVD NOW AVAILABLE worldwide.
Feeling quite overwhelmed and a little burned out but so pleased to have caught up, we have decided to leave St. Alban Roe and St. Francis de Sales to the new year.  We have begun filming for Edel Quinn but only allowed ourselves one filming day, taking advantage of the cracked earth and heatwave that took place here, to represent Edel's time in Africa.  

Screenshot from Edel Quinn upcoming film 2019
This has been archived until 2019 when we are feeling a bit more recovered.  Next year will surely see some new saints and fascinating new releases.  Meanwhile I will be concentrating a bit more on my albums.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018


2018 has been a hectic year for us.  Over the years with Mary's Dowry Productions we have tried to produce as many films as possible on the lives of the saints by incorporating as much history and film footage as possible on a filming day.  This has left us with a lot of ongoing catch-up work so we seem to always have several productions outstanding.  2018 has been quite bad for this because we filmed for Saint John Bosco, Dominic Savio, 

Screenshot from Dominic Savio FILM

Screenshot from Dominic Savio FILM
Mary Mazzarello, Jacinta Marto in January 2017, this gave us four productions to put together.  

Screenshot from Jacinta of Fatima DVD FILM

We also filmed for Bartolo Longo, Claude de la Colombiere, Margaret Mary and Thomas Garnet in March 2017, this gave us 8.  

Screenshot from Bartolo Longo Film
Screenshot from Bartolo Longo Film

We discovered an old ruined barn in Ferring that would be great for a backdrop so we slipped in Saint Mechtilde of Magdeburg and the Souls in Purgatory shortly after this.  This gave us 9 productions.

Discovery of an old barn in Ferring as backdrop for St. Mechtilde
We get so excited about every single production.  From a music perspective I know that once I start writing a score, the theme and atmosphere develops and is the theme for that production.  Therefore each saint, each DVD has it's own atmosphere.  We can see the potential of this so we're keen to get them released fast.  

It's ever such a lot of work however and having 9 films all filmed for with amazing visuals is quite a pressure.  2018 therefore has been about catching up with these, one by one.  The only way to handle the workload was literally to take one at a time and not allow ourselves to get too excited about all of them.

In 2017 we completed and released from these filming days Jacinta of Fatima DVD, Don Bosco and his Dreams, Bartolo Longo.

However instead of putting together ALL the films we filmed for in 2017 above, we had several intense extra filming days at the end of 2017 for Saint Faustina and Saint Padre Pio.  

Screenshot from Faustina and the Divine Mercy DVD

Screenshot from Padre Pio: Pray, Hope and Don't Worry DVD
We released these films but this got us really behind so the beginning of 2018 saw us working on Saint Margaret Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, filmed for in March 2017, we also had outstanding, Dominic Savio and Mary Mazzarello from Janary 2018 - a year earlier.

Padre Pio DVD, New in 2017
Saint Faustina DVD NEW for 2017
Working on Margaret Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus was a new experience and a great start to 2018 for music.  The whole theme of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is extremely important and moving.  We used the words of Jesus narrated by Mike Pailthorpe who narrates for us so beautifully.  He did the same in Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa DVD back in 2010.

Listen here to the words of Jesus taken from Margaret Mary Film:

We released Saint Margaret Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus at the beginning of 2018 and felt we were catching up, but we still had Dominic Savio and Mary Mazzarello from January 2017.
Saint Margaret Mary DVD
With the release of Saint Margaret Mary DVD we went straight on to working on the beautiful film Saint Dominic Savio which seemed to take several months to do.  I was very moved by this because although we have been working on popular saints and saints outside of England, we love the English Martyrs and Saint Dominic Savio is linked to England because of his vision of England.  It's incredible how each saint that we work on is linked to each other and to Mary's Dowry.
Saint Dominic Savio DVD
Saint Dominic Savio film took months and was a lot of work. It left us however with just Saint Mary Mazzarello to complete the January 2017 filming day.  We went on to Saint Claude de la Colombiere however as there was much interest in him with St. Margaret Mary DVD being met with such a good reception.  Again, Saint Claude is linked to England, he actually came to England and met with Saint John Wall in prison, one of the forty martyrs.

Screenshot from Saint Claude DVD
When I work on a score, I find myself very moved as I get into the production and it's when I really meet and connect with a saint.  This was again the case with Saint Claude de la Colombiere.  The profundity of his visit to England, bringing the Sacred Heart devotion to this country was incredible.  How this production fits in with all our work on the English Martyrs is brilliant.

We released Saint Claude de la Colombiere and the Sacred Heart in England DVD and it's available along with all others from

Also this year, we worked on A Simple Soul: Saint Mary Mazzarello.  She is the founder of the Salesian Sisters and having worked on Saint Don Bosco and Saint Dominic Savio films it was great to see a different side of this.  The production is called "A Simple Soul".  She is a great saint and although lesser known, her life is very insightful and inspiring and I'm very pleased we worked on this film.

A Simple Soul: St. Mary Mazzarello DVD
It was celebration time with the release of Saint Mary Mazzarello because this marked the completion of films shot for in January 2017.

There was a bit of a break after this production as we were not at our goal yet nor have I mentioned that during this process, we had another filming day in March 2018 adding four more to our list which set us back again.  I shall continue this roundup for 2018 in my next post.  2017 and 2018 really has been quite dominated by Salesians and the Sacred Heart saints and they are great!

Please visit our website for all DVDs and new releases here: